My hubby’s ear candles. The little waxy pieces are the ear wax that has been  drawn out of the ear by the candle.  The penny helps you see how big the ear wax is that has been drawn out of the ear.

My ear candles. This was the second time I have done this. The first time, I had no idea what I was doing.  I didn’t get much out of my ears the first time, either. I think my ears are compacted. I still feel clogged up in my right ear especially.  On this right ear, I felt that little bit being pulled out of my ear. It startled me. 

Our Dear Daughter’s left ear……she was so relaxed she fell asleep! She made the comment that she could hear better afterwards.

Humm…well we did both her ears. But our puppy decided that he wanted to try this ear candling out also! So he did by eating her other ear candle and the wax!  I am sure it is in the yard somewhere! 😀 Heeeeheee!


Our Dear Son’s ear candles. He had the best results! 😀 He said he felt relief in his ears!! Well I hope he did after all of that coming out!! Shewwwee!

We used Wallly’s Ear Company, Beeswax Candles. You can purchase the candles straight from the company. Although they are a little cheaper if you are in a Co-op buying club or if you can purchase them from you local Health Food Store(at least these are cheaper at our local store). 


Mrs. Bumppo